Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big day

Meme you know I lub choo, you're one of my girls aren't ya? Hehehehe... erh... *surrenders almond roca*

And why is today a big day? Becawse it's the day I trot into the driving school at freakin' 8am to take my second driving test. (Remember the first time?)

Whoot. I think my horseshoe, my four-leaved clover and my bunny feet brought me luck this time. Easy route and good traffic. Shoulda been a perfect score, but what the hell.

Rockin' bunneh!!! HUZZAAAAH!

Operation: obtain licence to drive complete! Image Hosted by


meme said...

huh huh huh. thursday should be big day too then. results coming out!

kungfubunny said...

*cry* nervous bunny!!