Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bunnies make excellent drivers

...but they make retarded mistakes like getting half-stuck in a yellow box. Helloooooo immediate failure.

So after getting back and trying to reason with the grumpy tester (it was between braking suddenly and risking getting langarred from behind by this huge ass van that was tailgating me, or stopping behind the car in front, with my butt sticking inside the yellow box - a friggin' bus yellow box man, not even a real serious yellow box like, in the middle of a cross-junction.), I accepted my dismal first-timer's luck and stomped out of the office, only to meet a jolly old uncle, presumably waiting to process his PDL, who asked me cheerily "So, passed??" and after I managed a loud grunt, I continued walking, hearing him call after me "Passed ah?" I could only hear myself thinking "Yeah I wish, test route 6 you fucked me from behind. (Literally, the back of the vios #141)"

So I trotted into the toilet, bawled softly for 2 minutes, freshened up and went to book another test date. Fuck la, wait another month and a half.

KNS. I was, I think, 5 minutes away from returning to the driving center and I had to get my ass stuck in a yellow box. "Causing obstruction to traffic at a junction" my ASS. Obstruction to a forlorn-looking service 51 maybe.

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meh meh said...

Aww bunneh. It's oh kay, they say you're very likely to pass at second go.