Wednesday, August 09, 2006

iProd: taking music to a whole new level

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In between worrying my furry bunny head off over anal beaureaucrats in a certain faculty deanery, this angst-riddled frustration has given birth to a very crude, very spanking funky piece of antisocial technology. It's hip, it's smooth, it's vulgar.

Introducing the iProd.

The ad series is so funky I'm tempted to start a line of merchandise with it :D

Humour the bunny la.


mehmeh said...

from the lovesick to the soon-to-be-lovesick:


so tell me, bunny, is that The Temporary One?


kungfubunny said...

eheheheheheheheheheeeeee *blush*
was it that obvious?
mehmeh, would you like one too? :D

Yujin said...

I can safely say that that is something I am not gonna have much use for. *grin*

And said faculty deanery is still giving you trouble? Maybe the people there needs one of these gadgets - you know, so they can be prodded to action? ;)

kungfubunny said...

:p *prodprodprod* i can imagine the reaction. "What is this devilry?!!!!"

samuraibunny said...

punnery! did u draw those yourself?! they r chortle-worthy

kungfubunny said...

neheheheee :D thankew other-bunny.