Monday, August 07, 2006

In limbo

Bunny lovers, this is a moment of truth.

A moment, where all things bright and beautiful, wild and blissfully free, feral and rotting, sweet and sticky, stop, listen, and preen in awe.

My brethren, fellow furry animals and all of Earth's creatures,

I present to you...

An original Bunny Rolling Meadow fragrance.

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Because it felt good to roll in it.

Comment to order; stocks are limited!


h.dawg said...

hmmm... so what sort of odour does the scent give off?

i'd buy a couple bottles if it came with a bunny attached

kungfubunny said...

a little inflatable bunny maybe? what is nice and warm and smellsome and feels good to roll in? :D

mehmeh said...

it smells like.. chlorophyll.

kungfubunny said...

:D:D woah mehmeh you were lucky you got a chlorophyll-smelling one! the bonus bottles have a surprise smell. my favourite has got to be Bunny Au Naturale uh huh uh huh.

mehmeh said...

wow. can i order a eau de poo poo?

kungfubunny said...

if it feels good rolling in it, we have it! that's what rolling meadow scents are all about! :D:D:D