Friday, February 16, 2007

Spring Fish

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I am leaving Thor for the Chinese New Year break and I just know he is going to miss me. I just hope he hangs in there (read: stays alive) for the 5, 6 days I'm gone, since I can't seem to find him a temporary friend in the hostel to look after him. (Don't you think I drew him out to look very much like an SBS Transit mascot?)

I've got this new pair of shoes of an obscure brand Speedy Rhino. I am told this aptly describes me.
Rhinoceroses are universally recognized because of their massive bodies, stumpy legs and either one or two dermal horns. In some species, these may be short or altogether not obvious.

Although not inclined to approaching humans, rhinos may exhibit bursts of aggressiveness. Fortunately for their enemies, their poor eyesight prevents them from making targeted attacks. Their sense of smell and hearing however is well developed.
From WWF

I'm not sure it's a compliment.

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