Saturday, June 03, 2006

Other animals

The day began bright and early with me trying to figure out how to get to the SPCA, waking up the sheep, being greeted by friendly keepers at the kennels and coddling puppies up for adoption.

Then being reminded about the 90% euthanasia rate for animals sent to the shelter made my heart sink; and had a faint flash-forward image of me working in an animal hospital, coming home at night and sobbing, mourning the ill-fated animals I saw being put down. ;__;

Having toured the kennel a second round, this time with the hyperactive, cat-loving sheep, we broke and entered (heh) the dog holds and played with some of the dogs. I was particularly fond of a doe-eyed mongrel pup named Macy and a large german sheperd Lucky. Handsome Bobo from the large dog kennels gnawed painfully at sheep, and every item she wore on her body! Haha, what a sight to behold! I saw that mangy mongrel eyeing her skirt even before she went in; that sly canine. The cattery held the fattest, laziest cats you'd ever see, it's pure decadence.

Spending the rest of the day eating and shopping and eating and shopping perhaps cheered me up a lot, taking my mind off many things. But I'm still reeling from the guilt of splurging on a Toscano leather sling bag. Heartache.

I miss my dawg in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Defeat is boring! Now go fight and BOING!

PS: The bag is nice lar. Don't make me smack you. Ch. Bunnies. *roll eyes*

- Baa

kungfubunny said...

OMG!! BUNS!! BUNNY BUNS! Must post! whoopieeeee~