Tuesday, May 23, 2006


In between finding something to occupy me during the wanton frivolity that is the Summer of 06 (=nothing to do for the whole month of June), I've fallen sick, possibly from the anticipation of the week ahead.

It seems getting a job (rather, getting replies from HR personnel) is a rather trying task, especially if there's only a one month window for my full commitment. AVA people probably don't know how to use email, the Zoo is hiring at $6 and hour (think how much I'd make after deducting a probable $7 travel fare each day = *squeals!*) and the SPCA doesn't pay, not that I mind, but they only want people once/twice a week. This week is a mite hectic for me to care about a job for June, so well, I've been thinking: This is possibly my last holiday to enjoy myself so heck, why not enjoy the laid back lifestyle while I can eh?

So I've decided, in between hacking out phlegm, to indulge in some frivolous tag from Kay Lii.

01. my ex is: very tall, ambitious, friendly and likes to annoy me
02. maybe i should: lose some weight
03. i love: my parents, Abs, Socks, my girls, cheese, salmon sashimi, salt, dogs, cats, rodents, bunnies, ah who am I kidding, all things bright and beautiful XD
04. i don’t understand: Religion
05. i lose: patience easily
06. people say i’m: silly, affectionate, confident, outspoken, friendly, cute (ack), weird, smart.
07. love is: in more places than you can think of
08. somewhere, someone is: having an orgasm
09. i will always: be very paranoid (bet you didn't know that!)
10. forever is: there's no such thing
11. i never want to: be mediocre
12. i think the current US president: thinks America is God's gift to the world
13. when i wake up in the morning: I hit the snooze button. Sometimes I think I'm a furry animal.
14. my past was: selectively blocked out from my memory
15. i get annoyed when i: don't understand what's going on
16. parties are : okaaay I guess
17. my dog is: the prettiest Sheltie ever, who likes to play soccer, eat dragon fruit and pineapple, and bites people who try to attack me!
18. my cat is: I don't have one but people tell me I do an uncanny impression of one.
19. kisses are the best when: any time of the day!
20. tomorrow: is a really big day for me
21. i really want: to study vet science and to have smaller thighs and ass
22. i have a low tolerance for: arrogance, mixing foods that don't belong together, violent taxi drivers and parents who don't control their hellspawn.

I'm gonna play "find the food" with Socks now. Poor thing right, must work to have her treats. Heh.


h.dawg said...

#2 babyyy! Score!

Anonymous said...

Socks? I had a cat once called Boots.
- Su

meme said...

Hmm. I dont see MEME in #3! Booboo!!

meme said...

and why is today (wed) a really big day for you??