Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bunny ventura and the Corneal ulcer

So you know how bunnies cannot be trusted during the first hour of awakening from deep slumber right.

So this bunny was rudely awakened on Monday morning, sporting a harsh itch in her right eye, and feverishly proceeded to rub it out. God only knew how hard I was rubbing that itch because before I know it, my right eyeball puffed up so fat I couldn't close my eyelids properly.

Nevermind. I thought it was nothing. So I got ready for lunch (ok so I wasn't very much of an early bird) and while drawing my eyes, I saw what was a huge-ass translucent bubble on the white of my right eyeball, squarely off my cornea.

What the fuck was that?! For a moment, in drowsy stupor, I thought it was me, bloody blur fuck forgot to remove my contact lens the night before, and proceeded to poke at it, only to realise it was a fucking 1cm-diameter BUBBLE. I HAD A FUCKING BUBBLE IN MY EYE.

Shit. So I stayed calm, inside my head I was going like FUCKFUCKFUCK and then I got dressed and went to find my mother, not entirely wanting to freak her out, but hey, how many ways are there to say "Hey ma there's a huge bubble in my eye" IT LOOKED LIKE I'D PUNCTURED MY EYEBALL oh cry...

So there I was, Ma, I need to see a doctor, there's something weird happening to my eye...

So my mother called her brother to set up an urgent appoinment with this great opthamologist at Gleneagles whom he's seen a few times for retinal detachment (poor bugger) and thank Thor (hehehe) we got it. How pathetic I was, my right eye teared to bits, strange protrusion of fluid swimming around the white, threatening to protrude into my cornea (Thor forbid!).

So it turns out there was some ulcer at the edge of my cornea that caused me to inflict upon myself that nasty rub that caused enough trauma to result in a fucking blister.

So now I've got what, 5 different things to drop into my eyeballs IT'S GROSS.... oh it's so gross. I hate putting anything in my eye other than my contacts.

Which then leads me to the other tragedy. I'm no longer supposed to wear contacts until further notice. Today, the ulcer has disappeared, thanks to the 101 drops of crap I had to administer. However, monthlies have been said to be a big no no, because you should only use them for half the time they were meant to be used. Monthly contacts cannot stand the build up of protein for as long as they advertise to be. Apparently I've got problems in both eyes due to allergy to protein build up on the contacts despite the fact that I change them religiously every month.

Kiddies, be warned, don't end up having a corneal ulcer, conjuntival blister, dry spots and allergy follicles and having to drop 1242876 drops of crap into your eye and pay the equivalent cost of 3 pairs of birkenstocks in consultation fees before heeding this advice: monthlies are the devil. Monthlies are not made to be monthlies. And apparently, I have dry eyes, which I never felt, since contact lens users are supposed to be particularly tolerant of any discomfort in their eye, until its too late.

Oh... *wails... I have to put them eyedrop thingies in again.


Anonymous said...


Only you, Bunneh. Only you. XD;;;

- Baa

kungfubunny said...

NOT FUNNYY SHEEP!!!!! ;____;

littleblessingsinlife said...

oh manz.. how are you now?

i kenna the bubble before, but not sure if it was the same thing as urs. well, thankfully i din burst it though. heh

get well soon!

Anonymous said...

poor thing :(


- kay lii

@BEL said...

OUCH! Seems your life is getting half as exciting as mine (or my friend's one) here...hehe... Take care of your eyes and stop ogling at guys!

Oooh by the way what in your definition is the cost of birkenstocks? I mean Sweden sells them for SGD$150 but Thailand sells them for less than SGD$20...heh.

kungfubunny said...

abel )) haha! you tink leh?! furkin eye specialist charged meh $218 first visit and $60 subsequent visit. wowiee~~ can buy erh.. 150 pairs of thai birkies LOL
Take care of the eyeballs my friends. don't go through such trauma to learn your lesson. *wail

kungfubunny said...

no, 15 pairs of thai birkies. time to invest in a nicer pair of glasses, maybe then i won't be grieving over not being able to wear contacts.

@BEL said...

Well it doesn't matter, you look cool in ANY kind of glasses...heh.

kungfubunny said...


Gwendyln said...

Did you actually rub your contact lens before placing them into the solution?

And hope you get well real soon ^_^

- Concerned contact lens wearer