Sunday, December 04, 2005

First times

Haven't updated for a week, that either means I went on vacation, had a nervous breakdown, been very busy or actually had a life outside of cyberspace. Well d'oh!

This week marked the first time I:
Enjoyed a Harry Potter movie,

Felt pathetic after exams,

Actually liked a new haircut,

Went shopping at parkway in 4 months,

Felt too tired to shop,

Drove a car (!),

Watched The L Word,

Watched The L Word and did not get turned on,

Attended a church wedding,

Willingly watched A History Of Violence not knowing what I was in for,

Got freaked out at a cosmetic counter because the promoter was a dude who looked straight but wore thick makeup and assured me that I'd made an excellent choice as it was "Joey Tay's faworite carrer."
I suddenly miss school.

First driving lesson:

Instructor: (looking slightly beng) You drive before?

Me: No.

Instructor: Got ride bicycle?

Me: Yeah.

Instructor: Steady. You got play arcade wan anot?

Me: Yeah, last time...

Instructor: Got play Daytona anot?

Me: Yeah. (giggles)

Instructor: Steady. Ok, now your turn to drive.

Me: (grunt of reluctance)

Instructor: (sniggers) Why? Sweat ah?


Agagooga said...

Exams are over! My life has lost all meaning!

kungfubunny said...

hah! exactly. sadness.