Sunday, November 27, 2005

In one those sporadic bimbotic moods

I shall let the girls have their moment of fun, while they say, "Ah hah! 'Top Student 2000' be damned; I always knew you were a bimbo!"

greenglowinglabbunny says:
today is one of those days

greenglowinglabbunny says:
where u have a good hair day

greenglowinglabbunny says:
but u really wanna tie your hair up

greenglowinglabbunny says:
cos its annoying u

frig'ed out. says:

greenglowinglabbunny says:
not funny

frig'ed out. says:
then tie it up la, doh.. unless someone's gonna see u in ur good hair day

greenglowinglabbunny says:
im counting on that

re: Mister W** decides to sell his brand new nano on the very same day of purchase

frig'ed out. says:
u said it scratches really easily rite

frig'ed out. says:
so maybe that's what that silicon case is for

frig'ed out. says:

greenglowinglabbunny says:
its an iCondom

greenglowinglabbunny says:
iCondom my iNano so it won't iScratchy

Robert: "15 ways to de-bone a beaver"? Dude, what is it with you and beavers? You've never even met one.

: Robert, let me ask you something. Are you afraid of Tyrannosaurus Rexes?

Robert: What do T-rexes have to do with-

Bucky: Of course you are, everybody is. And have you actually met one?

Robert: Bucky... T-rexes don't even exist anymore!

Bucky: Exactly. Therefore, a beaver is ten-million-billion times more dangerous than a T-rex.

Satchel: (stunned) You just blew my mind.

Freedom; in... 20 hours. I thought I pulled a brain muscle just now.


@BEL said...

You top student in 2000 ah?

kungfubunny said...

Boo. No call me bimbo okaay.