Sunday, January 20, 2008


Woops. I was stuck in the twilight that is the Penultimate Fantasy IIIVVV whatever in Boozember 2007 that I forgot it is now 2008. What the hell?

So Christmas is over and New Year has also come and gone, oops, sorry I missed it all. It seems like just yesterday it was Christmas day and we were toasting on algae and mud.

Having missed much of the new year since somehow it's 2008 and CNY is just around the corner, the blog has been sorely neglected for the lesser entity that is Facebook. Lesser -- because this site looks so much more awesome. Yay. (It's just easier to post things there and now that I've procrastinated for months on installing photoshop here, Facebook is not only the blog-roll, photo posts and commentary substitute, it is also a great way to loaf at work.)

I went down to the dog show at Expo this morning for my shift at the SPCA booth and brought along my trusty camera because you know, you get all kinds of strange sightings at these things. You get the total freak shows and the totally gorgeous animals (and sometimes totally gorgeous guys who train these clever animals).

Performing the "Stay" and "down" command during the obedience trials. See the lazy husky in the bottom right corner? So funny.

Later, the agility/obstacle courses were very impressive, but it all happens too quickly for a good shot with my humble point-and-shoot.

Like I said; beautiful animals:

Total freak shows:

What the hell?

Ok, the grey hound I can understand, he gets cold, and the air-conditioning in the hall was pretty nasty. But the fur... I could do without. There were many other freaks but I'd leave that to Facebook.

The highlight of the day was probably dog-watching outside after my shift when I shot some paparazzi shots of funny people and their funny dogs.

What a neat way to keep those pesky cocker spaniel ears out of the way!! And very fashionable too I must say. This pair came with a huge retriever that also wore this... head band thingie.

Silly little mop of a dog. Must be a crazy bitch to brush.

Funny tiny dogs meet. Silly dress on a silly dog. Dog owners never fail to amaze.

Big fluffy samoyed spies a curious tri-colour corgi. So cute. Another volunteer at the stall brought his corgi along with him and she was so fat and short, her belly was an inch away from the floor. zomg!

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Anonymous said...

CORGIS! TRI-COLOURED CORGIS! SO CUTE! I wish I could have one too...

do u know, mo used to have a Samoyed? When his whole family was here... then they moved back to HK right so they gave him away to someone who now lives opposite the Siglap kopitiam we always go to eat zhi chat at... sad, if not I'd have a Samoyed now too!