Sunday, November 04, 2007

Too Much Drama

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3 words: too much drama.

I got home from duty at the dog show this morning to be greeted with news that we are interim foster family to this fella:

rabbit the husky

Meet Rabbit the husky (I kid you not) getting washed up on the balcony.

A suspected victim of abuse (who lived in a tiny HDB!) and of skittish nature, Rabbit looks more like a pure-bred mongrel than husky. Kind of like this happy fella we met on the way back from the park yesterday:

happy jail dog

But anyway.

We couldn't bring ourselves to call him "Rabbit" so he has been affectionately referred to as "Dog" for the time being. Apparently, his unfortunate name was attributed to his uncanny resemblance to a rabbit when he was a wee pup. Like, W.T.F.

Mum yelled at him just now about pulling up plants, "NO, RABBIT, NO!" and you could just imagine the hilarity of it all; we were in fits of laughter for a good 2 minutes.


I hope he survives this foster period, unlike poor Lucky who died a few months back while I was trying to re-home him. Yeah, I know irony.


YC said...

see if you can actually get to keep im eheheh

Anonymous said...

corgiiiiii so cuteeeee
i'm always happy if i bump into the corgi living in my area.
and the yellow lab too.

and there's a black cat with a white vest who's stationed at mo's lobby these days, always up for a rub and a scratch.

awwww these lovely darlings.


sheep said...


Cannot smoosh already. ;__;