Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thank dog its Sunday

I headed to the expo this morning for my shift at the SPCA booth and mentally slapped myself for forgetting to charge the camera battery last night. Predictably, the power went out halfway through my shift and I missed out on some sweet mutts. I ran into some familiar faces from the dog run last month and had a chat with their pet, a nice old man.

For the first time, I scrutinised a poster of animal abuse and saw photos of a dying poodle at a HDB lift lobby, a stray cat with both ears cut off and another with its side scalded. The photo of the last cat was like a huge, bloody version of the bunny carcass we saw on east coast, and now more than ever I am convinced that the bunny was a scald victim prior to its unfortunate demise. How anyone can find it in their hearts to do such things is beyond me.

Oh cheerrup; funny dog photos to appreciate here:

SKC championship show 2007

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andrew said...

eh, so where are you working now?