Friday, August 24, 2007

Kampong Lorong Buangkok

I must enjoy my days of leisure to the full before I join the workforce full-time. Oh what a boring bunny I will be. A duck saved me from a boring Friday with a trip to Singapore's last kampong in Buangkok.

Situated on the east bank of Sungei Punggol off Yio Chu Kang Road, Lorong Buangkok snakes through the low-lying kampong that is prone to flooding. Quaint houses flank the lorong along with the more rustic ones that house anything from chicken runs to junk yards on their front porches. As we explored the area, a cloud of mosquitoes followed us so mozzie-gear is advised for any visit in the future. Past the banana plantations and tall grasses lies a healthy stretch of forest that was home to many gorgeous animals (see his flickr for pics). I spotted many fat golden ant mimic spiders that looked like velvet ants but they were too frisky to have their picture taken.

We arrived there after a rainstorm and the place was absolutely soaked. I wonder what it must be like during the spring tides! Many friendly dogs inspected us as we explored the kampong (which must have to do with my smelling of 21 dogs and 13 cats from a bunny roll-around in the shelter that morning) and its outskirts. Later, we met a couple of playful pups gnawing on the remains of a pineapple.

We walked for over 3 hours in the entire area but didn't see enough cos I was thoroughly throbbing with mozzie bites and said maybe we should get out of there? We'll definitely go back there soon.

singapore's last kampong


Anonymous said...

oh yes my friends did an FYP video documentary on this. it was not bad. quaint place!

Anonymous said...

uhhh that was me.