Monday, August 13, 2007

(Un)pleasant finds on East Coast

Early this morning in pre-dawn darkness, we set out to find them elusive 'nems at east coast and found many small blobs like this, ranging from as small as 0.5cm to about 2.5cm across the oral disk, and at least 6 types.

Later on, despite east coast being so beat up and rubbish laden, we found some pleasant surprises including a 'tiger' moon snail, the usual funny hermit crabs and a nice fat brittle star.
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Not so pleasant was this find (warning: the squeamish should not view) of a labbit carcass washed up on the shore. It was quite big, but the body was not bloated at all and the eyes were intact so any incident must have been rather recent. Only some fur on the snout and ear was missing. Ruling out acts of cruelty, I was thinking the bunny could have fallen into a nearby canal and got washed out to the sea, maybe by accident or it was chased by a cat? I am exercising much control over the imagination right now.

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I don't know why the eyes are so telescopic looking, perhaps somehow misshapen and half-falling out of the sockets after sloshing in the sea for some time and losing its eyelids.

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