Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lil sisters island

flatworm on lil sisters island
Possibly one of the most tiring shore trips, we started on the island at 330am and just kept exploring til sunrise. Despite the lack of sleep (I, subsequently teetering off balance more than a few times, stepping on a big mystery fish (guilty and freaked out at the same time) and talking rubbish), the wildfilms team was cheerful and revelled enthusiastically in the beauty of lifeforms so alien to the terrestial world. Sadly, no one spotted the anemone we set out to sample. But we saw many octopi, flatworms, nudis, huge unidentified fishes, crabs, brittle stars, an acorn worm, burrowing wrasse and this gorgeous fiery red feather star.

red feather star

I don't know much about hairy crabs but this one seemed rather unusual (Prof Ng says its Pilumnus sluiteri)
red and white hairy crab

Today's a first for me encountering a pizza anemone (Cryptodendrum), Marcus got a nice close up of some symbionts in there.
not-so-tasty-looking pizza anemone

Chay Hoon spotted this cute lil frog fish
nervous frog fish

There's more at the wildfilms blog, check out the scorpion fishes I missed :x

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