Wednesday, February 15, 2006


So much for Valentines' Day. My Valentines' Day was spent huddled in a very stuffy hostel room, trying to remember how the Chi square test worked, and observing, unwillingly, my slutty neighbours prancing (really) up and down the hallway in their skimpy outfits and turning up my music when the next door neighbour started her squealing and wailing when she returned.

Counting the buffet as surprise #1,

Surprise #2 came in the afternoon when a certain present was delivered to PGP. (too embarassing to elaborate)

Surprise #3 was the freak NUS announcement of the second fee hike in 2 years.

Surprise #4 came at night when a familiar discomfort returned in my abdominal area.

250ul of RBC and 117 ul of WBC sounds horrid. So much for the bottles of cranberry juice I've been ingesting.

If I turn up in school tomorrow wearing black, it's not only in protest of the fee hike, but in mourning of my very depressed, very weak bladder.


-mei- said...

hey.. did u draw that bunny?

kungfubunny said...

yes i did :p

-mei- said...

oh cool.. ur hands are pretty steady ah. nice one! ;)
hope u r feeling better now!