Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Weird Al is God

Me: Yeeehahahahaha... ***** gave you a *HUGZ*. So gross.

YC: sheesh.

Me: She hates me you know

YC: She does?

YC: Well, I don't think there's any love lost between you two.

There's this very lonesome, forlorn looking ferrero rocher sitting on the sink in my cluster toilet. I know. I told you my neighbours are weird.

This is even weirder than the time someone put a carton of milk in the freezer, or the time I found a sanitary pad on the shower door, or my slutty neighbour pasting her timetable on her door (I'm so tempted to scribble "Who the hell cares?!" on it) or the time someone left a bowl of stinky prawn shells in the kitchen for the whole weekend.

[Update] The neighbour's timetable has both her and her gay boyfriend's schedule on it. Like I said, who the hell cares?!

Oh, and YC tried to grab Clem's ass today. I thought I should remember that. It was funny.

And I can't believe I'm getting hits from search referrals for the NYP scandal, even when I can't for the love of parmesan remember when I ever wrote anything about Nanyang poly. Stop searching, you sick bastards.


h.dawg said...

keeel the psychobitch!! we save some steenkbugs for her want?

kungfubunny said...

naw la save those for your stinky neighbour.

meme said...

bunneh! the fish physio readings are so.. cheem. gulp.