Friday, February 10, 2006

Hindsight is 20/20

It's very curious, how I've cultivated rather special relationships with my spiders after having worked with them since June last year. It's been a wonderful opportunity. And while many ask "Why do you love those scary ugly things?!" you must realise, I do not exactly like them, I just don't dislike them anymore. And I sometimes (often) catch myself thinking how pretty they are, especially when caught crawling up the wrong side of the window sill.

Yesterday, I decided to take our relationship(s) to the next level, and whipped out the very nice Nikon from the dry box and save some images of my favourite friends from the lab for posterity (if not, out of boredom, and to play with the macro function.)

So here is my tribute, to my friends in the spider lab, with whom I've had the pleasure of sharing this almost year-long experience with.

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I couldn't believe my luck, catching a spiderling tackling a fruit fly in that last photo: check out the size of the bugger!

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