Thursday, January 19, 2006


Prof in music lecture:
"I think Orchard road should shoot whoever they got as the consultants for the Christmas light-up. I don't know if you've noticed, but the music scores hanging over the road had notes all over the place, and some had the tails facing the wrong direction. If I were the consultant, I'd just get them to put up scores of actual Christmas carols. What's so difficult about that? Now people are going to think Singapore is a country of music illiterates."

Abs on "dick cheese":
"What's that? Is it like, Richard Camembert?"

Sash on porn being unimaginative:
"...people tell me about the inroads made in gay porn and I hear there are lots of funky (read: freaky) possibilities with enemas but I just don’t think there has been anything particularly groundbreaking in mainstream porn for the past decade. It’s sad. It’s no wonder we’re so repressed, we have nothing good to wank off to.

I mean, is it too revolutionary to ask for a little bit of imagination with my porn? Surely the industry could benefit from a little branding. A few more Tarantino camera angles perhaps. Or something hip and stylized, like a little film-noir fucking. Or an unusual, picturesque backdrop, maybe hanging off a cliff in Kashmir. Or surely something with Elvis in it would do well…"

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h.dawg said...

wow. your prof is as anal as you are! i never noticed the mis-hung notes.

and you make me sound really lame, which i was probably was. heheh