Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Real spoon-feeding was what I witnessed today in animal physio class, a level 3 module by the way. The prof actually spent 15 minutes demonstrating to us how to use the Web of Science.


And you could tell the year 2s from the year 3s just by observing who was feverishly taking notes about the links and search methods.

Gawd. I never saw spoon-feeding like that before. If the prof has to actually teach you how to use a journal database... I don't know what to say la. Certainly, nobody ever taught us how to use the digital library and the various databases like PubMed, JSTOR and Science Direct, but surely you learnt to do all that when you had to write the hundreds of lab reports and research papers in year 1 and 2? How can this all be new to you? Outrageous.

Cookie monster returns with rehab part 2.

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