Monday, January 23, 2006

Sweet poetic justice

Flaming mouse burns house down

A mouse took fiery revenge on a man who threw it into a pile of burning leaves, by burning his house down.

The flaming mouse ran back into the wooden house of 81-year-old Luciano Mares in New Mexico, setting it afire and virtually destroying the building.

Mr Mares said he had caught the mouse in his home on Saturday and threw it on a pile of refuse and leaves he was burning in the garden.

"The mouse was on fire and ran back at the house," he told the Clovis News Journal newspaper.

In other news: I now have proof that my neighbour is a total nutjob.

First, I must establish that our rooms are right next to each other, and the wall between us is grimly thin. Also, our desks are mounted onto this same grimly thin wall, and our windows open adjacently at our desks. Thus, any sound loud enough to perpetuate my room (which is almost ALL sounds) would be heard, and any pounding on the desk, felt on mine.

It doesn't matter that she shrieks spontaneously quite often and pounds on the desk with screams of frustration. It also doesn't matter that she loves to wail along with hymns, or splutter loudly while her boyfriend stays over. It also doesn't really matter that she adores scampering loudly up and down the hall, screaming "Lynette Lynette come eat my fooooood!!!" a few times a week.

Doesn't matter.

But tonight, I have real reason to think, that she just CANNOT live with me.

She brought her radio into the shower with her tonight, blasted Jay Chou (Jay Chou leh. His early songs some more. wtf.) such that the whole hallway resonated with his (mumbling) voice. And she is now wailing more of Jay Chou at the top of her voice.

Cannot laa................


greeneyedsinner said...

the post about the missing sale items is really funny. hehe.

you blog how many times a day ah.

where are we eating on thursday?

kungfubunny said...

today especially angsty la. lol. how about FEP?