Tuesday, October 04, 2005

happy birthday Lihan :)

Mr. Boss, Sir, Mr. President, Mr. Zhou, Zhou Lao Ban... Even though you give me so much work to do (ok not really, you made me the slackest vp in USC history methinks. And I love you for that :p) I still lurve you.

Suphing sweets, made a huge surprise bbq for him tonight in celebration of his turning 22. Ya gott love her, no doubt at least 5 friends got cajoled into helping out in the preparation, she really really outdid herself!

*Excerpt: The Real World - Preparation in a PGP kitchen ca. 6pm.

Rena: (looking down at the bbq pits from kitchen window) Eh! How come someone's at our pit?! (squeals) SUPHIIIIING!!! SUPHIIIIIIING!!! SOMEONE'S USING OUR PIT!! OH SHIT OH SHIT... (runs out to Suphing's room)

Suphing: What? What?

Rena: Pit! Someone's at our pit!!

Suphing: Beans!

Rena: Huh? Someone's at our pit!!

Suphing: Beans, beans, beans!!! (runs to kitchen)

Me: What beans?!

Rena: Pit!!!

Suphing: Beans!!! (checks on beans in the pot)

Rena: We must go down there and chase them away!

Suphing: Huh? Oh, ok, right after we take the beans out.

*ca. 6.10pm, after chasing ang mohs to another pit.

Rena: Eh, so did you colour code the sandwiches?

Me: Huh? How do you colour code sandwiches?

Rena: Yeah, she so anal right.

Suphing: Oh yeah, I wanted whole meal for tuna and white meal for egg.

Me: Ooooh... Erm, I have a confession to make. I erh, may have hybridised some.

(Suphing turns around to look at me)

Me: Erh, are you gonna twitch...?

*ca. 8.45pm, after telling of sandwich story.

Ben: (nods in thought) What if someone only eats whole grain but doesn't like tuna?

Me: (sniggers) You ask Suphing la.

Surprise surprise Mr. Zhou, all dressed up thinking he was going out on a hot date. Alas, we spoilt it for ya eh, jumping out of nowhere screaming "Happy Birthday!"

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