Thursday, October 06, 2005

it's only Thursday

and I'm already tired. Usually it takes til Saturday to do that to me.

After a whole day of lessons yesterday, I rushed back to my room to get ready for the Union Appreciation Dinner (which took amazingly long to wrap up) before rushing back to finish up the report due this afternoon. So having slept at 4am last night, this morning was the first this semester I had problems hauling myself out of bed to attend a 10am class.

Yes, as if walking around all morning with swollen eyes and a stubborn headache wasn't enough, I still had to attend 4 hours of developmental bio lab after lunch. (Not before rushing to polish and print that damned report). And after a brief stint at the spider lab after all that, managed to lug my heavy butt back to pgp. (Oh, but not before runnning back to the indian food stall to pay money I owed for lunch. Yes, how embarrassing, having ordered food but with no means to pay for it.)

And then, yours truly decided to be a nice girl and whip something up for Abs in time for him to break fast. So the bunny popped by Georgie's and got some barley and ended up making barley with bean skin. Yeah I dunno what the proper name is la. Now, I'm wondering if L*han was serious about having that meeting (or was it an excuse for drinks with those people, I can't tell the difference anymore) tonight. I can barely keep my eyelids up.

Thank goodness I was kiasu enough to finish up Ecology CA way ahead of time, else I'd really just die.

The upside to all of this? I got that blasted report done, met Najib!!! From the 26th Council, not that I'm close to him but ah, he's cute leh. Mmm, got free food last night, saw the launch of twentyfive, talked to Don (what a gentleman) and had curiously wicked conversation at the dinner table with what was left of the outgoing council (Most didn't turn up.)

And, that sweet prairie dog from downstairs surprised meh with a dozen roses, for no apparent reason. :D Almost a year on, I still feel like a really lucky bunny.

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