Monday, August 08, 2005

rag day

'Twas an amazing feat, staying up for 36hours straight, performing hard labour. Well ok, it wasn't hard labour most of the time.

Rag day began with rag night, a celebration of prof Teo's birthday (it's become an annual thing, and our vain attempts at keeping it a surprise comes across as "adorable" and endearing to him, tho the guy is so sweet, he doesn't say it. that's til I asked la.) at the forum, followed by a full dress rehearsal by the rag dancers right in the middle of the forum. In front of engin club people, omg. We were so asking for attention. But to give them credit, they did a really good job.

This year's rag for usc saw pure class as we performed a salsa-inspired dance number. But the costumes were a bit too revealing if you ask me.

After a 10minute nap in the clubroom, everyone was woken up at 3am to do makeup.

So meme, huiqi, the twins, jiechun, yizhen and I trudged up to the 7th floor to paint our dear dancers. Nobody dared to blah the makeup, I had to put my very sleepy foot down and insist that everything about makeup had to be blah else nothing is gonna be seen.

So fiery orange, pink, green, purple and blue eyes were thanks to yours truly. It's not every day you get to makeup someone's face this way and not get any protests.

5am: moving in.

Surreal, I tell you, seeing people rolling various components of their floats along the road at dimly lit 5am in the morning down to SRC where floats were being touched up, dancers pacing up and down the holding areas.

And at 530am, our backdrop collapsed.

Nerve-wrecking experience it was, and one girl from Sheares as caught under it. Thank goodness she wasn't hurt, but I'm sure the shock was enough for her to remember this.

So as you can imagine, it was 6 hours to performance time, and 4 hours til final touch ups were to stop, and our back drop collapsed. And after much quick reaction time from the helpers around a lot of effort, we propped it back up only to realise that the entire top piece of the "castle" had fallen off, including some other bits and pieces of the rest of the set.

Amazingly, scholars showed how quick-thinking they are. Within 3 hours, everything was repaired

But that's enough about rag day.

Having slept 2and a half hours in the afternoon, I headed down to watch the midget in Macbeth. Poor meme wasn't feeling well so the bunch of us left during the interval to grab some supper. 'Twas hilarious, all of us teetering along the sidewalk, all talking a lot of rubbish, half unsure whether we were making sense.

And I slept most of Sunday til I was nagged into packing up to move into my room in pgp.

But those mundane details for another time ok.

So Abs and I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! The joker wanted to trade that with Wedding Crashers ok, dammit.

So common sense prevailed! And we had a schmuddylicious time (as Mr. Dahl would say).

I do miss reading Roald Dahl. I remember reading his BFG, Matilda, The Witches, among other books when in primary school. And accidentally I advanced to his adult books that were lying around the house, and got a harsh jolt at the age of 10, that my favourite children's author wasn't all about fairies and fluff after all. (So much thanks to Switch Bitch and My Uncle Oswald.)

*sneeze* first day of school. No lessons la hyuks. Suckers.

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