Friday, August 05, 2005

rag night


Imagine, a four and a half hour lab meeting.

The spider lab met today for the first lab meeting of the semester and all of us presented our projects and progress reports (all 14, 2 hons students were absent.) So we sat in there from 10am to 230pm while we presented our stuff and answered questions that bombarded us from the floor. Not a good thing after a restless night.

And it's been a tiring day, haven't napped yet cos of all the errands I've had to run. And in about an hour I'm due in Chatterbox to prepare for rag.

'Tis the annual rag night, 'tis.

The annual all-nighter, the annual torture fest, the annual give-back-to-the-public night.

Oh, bull. If most people had their way, rag would be cancelled every year due to the senseless waste of effort and resources. It's but a ceremony for bizad to win all the shields again, that's all. Bah.

But oh well, guess who got volunteered to do make-up and videography?

Hyuks. I think by morning I'd be so wasted I wouldn't be able to hold the camera steady.

A toast! To another senseless float parade!

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