Tuesday, August 09, 2005

spiders: the harvest

Our stint at Labrador park today yielded the best catch ever!

30 spideys in all, and most of which are juvenile females *hooooozzaah* just what I need :D 'Twas a mite hilarious, mother and I tottering around with umbrellas, at first used to dodge the drizzle, subsequently used to help in lifting the leaves of the spider lily (yes, very apt eh?). So after 2 hours of squatting amongst the spider lily leaves, we ran out of collection bottles! Can you believe it... I can't. (ok, maybe cos I ended up catching many other funny-looking spideys at the same time.)

And there was the cutest, fattest green kitty perched over a puddle at the car park gracefully lapping up water. Also stalked a tiny frog and played with the lil bugger for a bit. :p

And just now, I managed to shoot a lil video of my kitchen's residence geckos in action.
[So just so you guys are up to speed: we have 3 fat, white lizards living under out microwave (duh: fat) and until last year, I used to think they were fat because of the radiation *chuckle*. Turns out, my father's been feeding them by leaving bits of rice on the kitchen counter. Now, they are amazingly tame and come out at meal times to look at you. *squint*]

So I got a video of the three of them lil geckos fighting over a bit of white rice. Hilarious shit.

Slut: revisited

So the slut slept over again last night, having crept in at 3am in the morning with the brother. The joker left all the lights on and the main door opened at that ungodly hour, so mother woke up, went to his room and asked through the door, whether he was going to switch them off. He said yes, he was going downstairs soon. An hour later she awoke again to find that nothing had changed since an hour ago. So off she went switching off all the lights, closing the door etc. And by the time she was done, she was wide awake. So how? Sit there and watch tv til she was sleepy again. And all the while the joker bastard of a brother never did comeback downstairs, the inconsiderate piece of shit.

So anyway, amazingly, when we got back from lunch this afternoon, the slut's stuff was all over the dining room, and her slippers were at the shoe rack.

I suppose, if we were to start on a new...foot (is there such a figure of speech?), someone had to make the first move eh?

But the girl was so shy (or scared?), she sent my brother down to collect her bag from the dining table, and came back down again to ask him to bring a glass of water up for her (?! like, wtf, right.). So all this while, my mother was moseying around the garden, watering the plants etc, etc. And the slut was too much of a puss to even go to the kitchen and make herself a drink?! And yet when no one's around, she has the gall to leave a shitload of a mess in the kitchen? The bitch.

Ok, so when she could, and just when NDP was starting, she came down the stairs and left, without even looking at my mother and I. (Ok, I admit to giving her non-expressions. Meaning, no expressions. Yeah, even when she looks at me and smiles. Ok so I'm a bitch.)

So then my mother says, "Look now she doesn't even have to say 'Bye' when she leaves."

"Does she usually?" I asked.

"Yeah, she does."

So ok, mother and I were talking. And we decided hey, we know it's important to work things out. Someone has to start friendly (read: civil) conversation, or at least un-antagonistic attitudes towards each other. We also agreed, that when she is deccent enough to leave her shoes where shoes are meant to be left (read: slut brings shoes up to bedroom to hide presence in house) we shouldn't make life so difficult for her and well, tell her off all the time. Which is what mother has been doing.

Well, I'm very clever to say all this right. Mother acknowledged that yeah, while all that is true, it's reached a stage where all this is very hard. It's very hard even for the slut to look us in the eye. It's hard for us to look at her without that condescending look of judgement. It's hard for me to look at my brother the way I used to say from 3 months ago. It's hard for my mother to forgive my brother for all the disrespect he is giving her and encouraging from the slut. It's hard for my mother to even smile at her after she's pissed her off so many times.

I don't know if the slut knows about this blog, I don't know if she reads k li's blog? I suppose my purpose was never to spread the word about these unfortunate events happening in my family now, but to keep a record of all the shit that's been happening so that, as much as I want to forget it all, I want us to remember it all too.

Strange, but take it like this is a scientist's notebook. Meticulously updated, time-stamped, though not entirely objective.

And now that I'm into research, this has to be a habit to be adhered to vigilantly.

And, yeah I still hate him. For the first time, I actually look at close-knit families with envy. I look at the twins and their closeness to their parents and I envy their ability to share everything, every feeling, every mundane detail of their lives with their mother. I envy tammy for having a best friend in her sister, mother and father. I envy families who go to church together (at least they do something together, seriously, it's a big deal to me.). I envy the family that sat next to us this morning at breakfast, with the 3 daughters, 1 son and a king charles spaniel, quietly having pleasant conversation with the occasional giggle from one of the girls.

I hate being envious.

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