Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rock and reflexology on Lazarus Island

As the rest of the team explored the natural beaches of Lazarus, I trekked through the coastal forest to the rocky shore facing St John's island to check it out while the low tide was still good. This shore is vastly different from the reclaimed bay I'd just come from! Climbing down the seawall, the soft mushy part of the shore had little fiddler crabs scurrying about, being busy intimidating each other with their Big Useless Claw.

Braving the rather precarious rocky rubble of this shore, I was so lucky to spot this giant reef worm emerging from its burrow. Ugly!!

The iridescent body is rather captivating though, I must admit. These worms are very shy even though they look very scary, and feed mostly on algae tufts.

All over the shore, corals were thriving. I didn't get a picture of the large mats of leathery soft coral though, meh.

Frilly phymanthus anemones were also in abundance. This was like, Phymanthus Central.

These tiny colonial button anemones were also common.

Up on the high shore, pooping Onch slugs were everywhere.

There is this small fishery just off the rocky shore. Behind you can see the causeway with many people also fishing.

Goodness, by now we'd been walking about for almost 4 hours in the hot sun! Exhausted, Ria slacks off on the high shore on a rock obviously made for sitting upon, duh.

Thoroughly shagged out, we trudged back to the seawall through the last stretch of rocky shore which is really like, very hard core foot reflexology. It was bad, it slowed Ivan down so much that he nearly missed the boat back!! Haha.. We all got sore, painful feet, but it was worth it!

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