Sunday, September 16, 2007

Why Krabi needs little commentary (part 1)

Because photos can tell all. I'm not sure how to even paint a more accurate picture of the beautiful scenery off the coast of Krabi we admired in awe as we slugged it out on a kayak across a choppy bay into serene estuaries that snake through mangroves and steep canyons, or the breath-taking view of phi phi island and its nearby sisters glowing in the sunlight, or the stunning clear waters so notorious for its snorkelling and diving experiences.

snorkelling on phi phi

Because cheap transport on Krabi to the dive/snorkel/kayak spots is negligible, we had to spend on hiring guides and transportation to and from the outskirts of Ao Nang town. But in the end, it's all worth it. Krabi still has an old charm to it not yet entirely bastardised by tourism. Thais are friendly as usual. Even though we arrived in Krabi to a tsunami warning and numerous aftershocks from the Indonesia earthquakes, we shook off the nerves and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The only complaint: too short a holiday (and some rain :[). No time to laze on the beach.

But it's too easy to get there. With daily flights to Krabi on Tiger Airways (which is cheap, comfy, and has pretty stewardesses!) and cheap accomodation, there is hardly any excuse to miss this quick holiday destination.

I miss my days of leisure already.

speedboats off phi phi

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