Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chinatown in mid autumn

chinatown in lights

I always wanted to see what this whole tooth relic thing was about, and stepped into the tooth relic temple in Chinatown this evening to be surprised (because I am suaku) to be greeted by a blast of air-conditioned air. The bunny was also surprised by other strange things, like how the entire perimeter was lined with larger-than-life animals of the zodiac, and how the entire interior was decked in gold and red wood, "saturating" the atmosphere to the extreme irritation of my retina. I also didn't find the said tooth in the end.

chinatown in mid autumn

I'll be back on Saturday night, hopefully, refreshed, thoroughly guilty and suitably raring to embark on a new phase in life. Realistically though, I know I will be a jittery bundle of nerves about Monday.

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mehmeh said...

that last picture looks so surreal. like it was taken anywhere but singapore. hah.