Saturday, July 21, 2007


sunrise en route to hantu
It was a fruitful morning low tide as the anemone seekers tried hard (often very frustrating to watch) to sample these elusive creatures but it was an enlightening experience nonetheless; both listening to Dr Daphne and my trailing Marcus as he bestowed some interesting trivia in between taking photos of our finds. The bunny eyes were sharp that morning!

Dog walk at SPCA this morning was perplexing; a dog I always walk suddenly decides he doesn't like to walk without a friend, only moving his fat ass when another walker brought out his kennel neighbour.

I had the most fun with kay and tam tonight and boy, was it a first time properly grooving together in our 10 years of friendship. Oh, and the surgeon removed the stitches today. Strange feeling. I'd somehow developed a certain... fondness to the sutures. Hmm.

In other news, things may be looking up in the job search; I'm keeping the bunny toes crossed!

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Yujin said...

That is a beautiful pic of the sunrise. :)