Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hot G(r)eek Buns

P. Sekudu from the boat.

Spot the bunny! :D We headed to P. Sekudu, a small outcrop of rocks (between mainland and P. Ubin) that may seem like little excuse for an island, but super low tide reveals a gorgeous expanse of intertidal wilderness and scattered granite boulders that add to the scenic charm of this tiny island.

This is called "amphibious" landing. I love it. "We're here!" *splosh* That is Ubin behind the boat.

Lovely. The sun, steadily climbing on the horizon.

Pretending to be invisible. So adorable. Look closely, is 'she' gravid?

So cute la. Hermit crab says "Wha-?? Is it safe... is it safe to come out now?"

Check out the size of these carpet anemones! The water was crystal clear, the clouding is my clumsy bunny feet stirring up the sediment. There were many more critters that ria's already blogged about.

In other news, I will be airborne in a few hours. Meanwhile, the bunny is absolutely shagged out from rising at the ungodly hour of 6am this morning, followed by a draining 2-hour essay test and interview, more errands to run, pack, a hop by the airport to send off a whole bunch of India-bound nerds, quick dinner and more packing. The bunny also sends her love to her bitches; don't miss me :D Tammy, be strong! Everything will be ok. Time with family will help I'm sure. Kay, you'll be alright :) Tany I dunno if you can read this because hello? I don't see you usin' no broooooaadband? But I kees you anyway. Meme, you MIAed for so long! I'm amazed you went to so many places on the west side. So, like, are you sending me chocolates or what?

Guys, there is also nothing to buy in Greece yeah, save for... dates, olive oil and nuts. Honest! But I'll see what can be done. I tell you, the hotel loot would be the most exotic thing to bring back la. So you guys can fight over who ends up with the shower cap and sewing kit. No bidding allowed.

Bunny love.


Mykel said...
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Mykel said...

Not sure if you've seen this, but I know you'll love this video:

YC said...

ay ay no show for the stone frog ah?

by the way eeeeellllllooooo ai izz baccckkkkkkkkess!

bunny said...

im back too!

mykel, that is hilarious. i do feel sorry for the bugs tho :p

yc, stone frog can see at the wildfilms blog whot. :)

meme said...

hah! RYC: speak for yer'elf!