Monday, May 07, 2007

Graduation toast (ohdearican'tbeaslobanymore)

i suppose graduation is a big deal but i think it hasn't registered in the bunny brain yet.

Watched phantom with gabe on Thursday night (which was great but reassured me that Singaporeans have zero theatre etiquette), winebar for our graduation toast with the girls on Friday night after hectic packing up of the grimy hostel room, SPCA on Saturday morning and some shopping later on, dinner with the folks and drinks with some good old friends at acid bar at night. Mad moving out and recovery today, and... Great, now, ...on to the job search (or, prep for Greece!). (Can I just be a slob for a bit longer....)


Anonymous said...

spca was fun, like a petting zoo. triple bunny flop! two shirts weren't enough. i bought more, and i'm still thinking abt e shoes. how?


bunny said...

you should post up the bunny pics. very precious. like shoes just buy la. so straight forward why don't people understand. i would get mine too if i had the monay.

meme said...

i dont know why but i feel kinda guilty going on for such a long holiday now that i'm here! i feel like i should be on the jobhunt somewhat. gaa.

bunny said...

hehehe don't be guilty. you worked so hard for your holiday. anyway lots of fresh grads are probably doing the same thing, and many are on ulu shit long hauls like work&travel. so no frets meme, you will be back in no time. tho it seems damn long to me now. i kiss u! so glad you are safe and sound.