Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy(?) Earth Day

I nearly forgot this backlog from eons ago, and this is probably the best time to put it up. Some bunny luck for the bunny lovers' upcoming exams, and my friends Mei and Abel - for their fyp presentations as well.

why are bunny feet lucky?! i demand an explanation. NOW.


YC said...

congratulations you now are one of the long list of sweet young things Dr Chua has had the pleasure of coming into contact with. Grin.

bunny said...

eh it was very chaste ok you just weren't there to see how.. chaste it was. gah.

YC said...

whos talkin about YOU? grinnnnnn. Just take a look at the pic of abbey from the book you bought from Dr Chua. You'll know what i mean XD

- m - said...

thanks bunny!

er.. that's not the only way to get some good luck rite? heh. heh.

yar, it's lame.. i geddit. haha