Saturday, April 28, 2007

Amaizeing humour

It's times like these I dunno whether to laugh or cry. My Meme and Spencer... they bring "corny" to a whole new level.

spencer: where you going holiday?

me: greece

spencer: ehh...never say
so you get to hear all those popular songs again lah
like we go together
greece lightning


me: woah i tell u.
today, i had nasi lemak, and omg, instead of kunning, i had 2 SHISHAMO!!! woah happiness.

meme: what is shishamo?

me: you know, that japanese fish you fry and the belly is full of roe?

meme: OHHH i don't like roe.

me: oh, i love roe.

meme: good, we don't have to worry about having a row over roe.

spencer says "arrgh"

meme: ask him what is his proe-blem.

spencer: (on meme's corniness) she really roe-s to the occation huh?
she not the only one that can be corny roe

me: (28hours later)
it may be a day late, but i have it! are u ready for it:
"you will ROE THE DAY we had a row over roe!!"

meme: not bad not bad! do as the roe-mans do!

me: (defeated)


YC said...

gah that was MY comeback dammnit!

roe, roe, roe your boat, gently down the stream...

meme said...

that was me. i am le queen of all roes to end roes.

bunny said...

yc: nooo you said RUE you gave me the idea but it was MY comeback HAH!
meme so roe-sy. :D

YC said...

oh my god. ive roed my weeny leetle boat to where the big fish roe-m!

YC said...

and the bunny is a ROE-DENT!!!

we're on a merry ROE-D to ROE-in!

Too much studies on the perils of living a a-ROE-bic lifestyle's made me start this roe all over again. sigh.

MacroMidget said...

anyone want to eat roechor bak kut teh?

bunny said...

omg! you corny spammers! meme, i tell roe-nald then you know! yc, stop being an idiot, don't start a new roe.

YC said...

roe-ll over bunny! best get be-roe the ground in your burrow before you get roe-sted by all these roes! This place be the new roe-vin' grounds for roe spammers! Keep Roellin roellin roellin!

YC said...

shit. i mean, burroe.

MacroMidget said...

I am GEP. I come from roe-syth school of fishies

bunny said...

bunnies are not ROEDENTS!!!! there are fundamental differences, among which involve the teeth, the penile bone and their excrement. IGNORANCE!
spencer you are lousy roe-kay. try harder.

Yujin said...

I see you guys are all having a roe-lling good time here, no? ;)

bunny said...

indeed eugene!! a jolly good roe-mp don't you think? roe-h, my roe-nely friends, what a lovely saturday night to roevel in a feast of roeyal words. whee!

YC said...


Yujin said...

ai yai yai... stay off the corn for the next few days man. :D

meme said...


bunny said...

spencer and yc... your joke are all so roe-jak wan. the trick is to make them roe-levant you know? siao la, exam stress. back to the bunny burroe...