Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Spider Orgasm

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My spiders probably experience more sexual pleasure than anyone of us. Thus far, out of almost 20 females I've put in the mating ring, courtship (or foreplay) lasts 22 minutes at the longest, and copulation (or sex) lasts up to 53 new record: 70 minutes! This is a fascinating result, considering mating in Paraceba for example, lasts in the seconds, while many other spider species, like other Scytodids and Salticids, last up to a few minutes only. I can think of a few reasons for the high reproductive success of this spider, among them; nutritional status (all healthy and well-fed), low natural population density (thus high reproductive investment in the first mate encountered), low incidence of predation in the natural habitat (thus cost of being eaten while copulating is lower than benefit of a long mating period?) ... ?.

A reliable source tells me his flies mate for up to a few hours. Mind-boggling stuff.

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But of course, they can't actually feel any pleasure. How tragic.

So that's what I've been up to. The bunny appreciates that you do not sneer at the evident lack of a social life this holiday season.


takchek said...

The females have a nice tasty meal after mating too. Sex plus food. :)

kungfubunny said...

ah hah, contrary to popular belief, only a few species of spiders actually indulge in cannibalism during/after sex. the mantises however, do live up to their savage reputations.

YC said...

bollocksy! most mantids dont eat their mates at first sight - most only do because of stress in lab conditions. imagine youre hot at it while this huge EYE PEERS DOWN AT YOU - bound to freak out anything. and its a well established fact, that when girls get stressed, well... they munch! heh. =D. nice spider oral though.

kungfubunny said...

the bane of good eyesight! my half-blind spiders have no problems being subjected to an academic voyeur. considering how long they do it, one might even say they actually... like it.