Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yes, you heard me. I said "Lime".

So after the interview with Editorial Director of the publishing division of the mega-media-conglomerate in Singapore, I was particularly unsure of the future (especially so this time) and feeling extra lovesick, I was rescued by Kay Lii at lunch. This was Thursday. That was nice. There was a funny dinner with Meme and Meiyu the night before, and a special guest appearance by Mr. Woo as well. And then there was an ice-cream supper date with Tammy on Friday night, and that was nice too. Even that strange conversation about sex was... amusing, at the very least. The visit to the flea yesterday with sheep and YC brought a lot of cheer too, being the bunny caught in between their sibling-like bickering. I only regret not being more cheery company for my friends, but I'm so thankful for them, even when I'm feeling extra reclusive.

Funny photos like these make me laugh.

Look at the size of those dogs! They could crush that kid in a sec, and bite off that dude's head easily. My kind of dawg!

And that's Abs acting fierce at the Peabody museum of natural history. Riiight, I said.


h.dawg said...

wow. 3 very hawt dawgs!!! (especially the one on the right)

dawgs are peace lovin', until provoked beyond reason. a dawg would not bite someone's head off without very good justification, such as when they're really annoying. shame on you for creating a mass panic.

make lurve not war!

kungfubunny said...