Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Soy milk in iguana

Imagine not being able to finish dinner at brewerkz because your tummy doesn't feel too good. And you can't finish the beer either. You force a smile and some jokes and laughs and uneasy poses for photos, and then you all move to cafe iguana for magaritas that you can't drink because you realise it's very bad gastric pain. So you go to the neighbouring 7-11 to buy a pack of soy milk and join the rest in the bar. You have to patiently explain the soy milk to the waitress, and then proceed to partake in that while the others enjoy their margaritas, not allowing you to have any. You can't take the pain so you leave early, cabbing back home. You come home, stifle vomit that could come out any minute, and pop 6 antacid pills before the pain dies down. That can't be too healthy.

I think Janet got a photo of me toasting with a pack of nutrisoy. That's gotta be a sight.

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