Thursday, April 13, 2006

The way to a bunny's heart

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littleblessingsinlife said...

u really have a flair in drawing..!! i love ya bunnies!! though i think the bunny on the right looks er.. a little (just a little) obscene. lol~

or issit jus me..?!

kungfubunny said...

HAHA mei, i think BOTH of them look obscene if you ask me. i don't draw my bunnies to make them look nice so they all end up like this. stay tuned, i'm releasing the "bunnies and other animals" wallpaper series soon!

you can tell, i'm denying the nearness of exams.

littleblessingsinlife said...

haha.. yar manz, can tell that you dun realise that the exams are so freaking near!! WAKE UP!!

let me not be explicit as to wad i think looks obscene. LOL. but anyway, im looking forward to your "bunny and other animals"!! and i can see how bored u can get.. wahahaha