Monday, April 10, 2006

Sex Ed Class revisited

Following this post on my funky medical microbiology prof's introduction to HIV, my hits have increased markedly, predictably, from the following search referrals (they have been struck-through to cause less trauma to my more conservative readers):

anal sex
sex ed
bisexual anal
homo anal

Thanks for awakening me to the harsh disgusting reality that is our repressed cyber-surfing netizens. helping preserve my faith in the pron-lovin' among us.

[aiyah, I knew it was gonna happen anyway.]


Anonymous said...

bunny! *hides* -nana

how's your studying?

kungfubunny said...

nanaaaa!! i don't wanna stardee....... booo. *freak out*

YC said...

the internet is for porn! what is the one biggest industry now straddling the net with its strong, overused tighs in a vice like grip? the net!
boys and men alike, grab thy d*ck and double click; the internet is for porrrrrnnnnnn!

*click click*