Friday, April 07, 2006

Sex Ed Class

Medical Microbiology lecture: (RE - Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

Prof: HIV, historically, is very interesting. It's said to have first been detected when homosexual men would complain to doctors about very weird illnesses. ... So the virus spread among the homosexual men. You know why the homosexuals get it? Because they engage in something called anal sex (laughter). Yes, which is very rough and ah, abrasive. (laughter) So it's very easy to form lesions which encourage the spread of infection.

...Then along came the bisexuals! Do you know what bisexuals are? (a student in the front row says something) No, it doesn't mean to have sex with a man and a woman at the same time, that's an orgy.

What are bisexuals? (some student answers) Yes exactly! They are not fussy people.

So why are they so important? Because they bridged the gap between homosexuals and heterosexuals! So the bisexual husband would get it from some guy, come home, and pass it to his wife, and the wife would pass it to the mailman... (laughter)

Of course, that's very naughty. (pauses) What's that word to say that you only have one partner?

(Chorus: "Monogamy")

Ah, yes of course, "monogamy". So it pays to be monogamous.

[p/s: man am I gonna get some weird-ass search referrals now...]

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Anonymous said...

you bio ppl are SO repressed man.

ps. first weirdo here!