Thursday, March 23, 2006


Imagine you work a whole year on a project, squeeze a 5000+ word report out in time to submit the draft to your prof, hoping for a short consultation later.

You meet your prof, who tells you he's made some changes, and that he hasn't finished reading it (you sent it to him 3 days ago), and that he will finish up tonight. And you have to make revisions to meet the deadline on Monday (ca. 3 days away).

He shows you the changes he's made and you find that he's cut out half your literature review and reformatted the whole thing.

He's corrected your grammar and rephrased half the report.

He asks you to perform more statistical tests (one in particular that you've never heard of) and says he will have to see you again tomorrow to discuss the last bit of the report.

Motioning for me to view his desktop, I see a word document in a sea of red.

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Gawd, I was so traumatised. Not that he's ripped my draft apart, it's just a WHOLE SHITLOAD of corrections.

Just one weekend. And it will be finished. Done. Au revoir. Until the defense.......... BAH.


-mei- said...

oh well, jus take it as he's making ya paper sound good!! jiayou ger, it'll be over soon! =D

Anonymous said...

ARGGGGHHHH!!!! Oh my goodness. Hope you finish it soon. It'll all be over dearie, in 1 year.. (not counting holidays) -nana

meme said...


YC said...

wait till u get meier to mark lah. you just see whole chunks disappear and reappear right before your eyes. plus he makes u look and throws in alot of barbs and snide comments.

kungfubunny said...