Monday, March 20, 2006

Confession: didn't taste so good

I'm letting you all in on some of what transpired during the proverbial frog lab. But kiddies, be warned: not very pretty sights.

Much more bloody sights follow my starting attempts at cutting up this froggy, but I don't think the kiddies will be able to take it. Besides, I don't want to breed controversy. This bunny will make up for the gore with a cute picture of Socks.

There... much better.

Oh, and I just submitted my 5000+ word draft spider report. It should be a bloody thesis man.


h.dawg said...

that's one hawt bitch!! arrrooooooff.

ps. u a nasty frog-killah

Anonymous said...

hi sweetie!!! :) it doesn't look very tempting when fried you know. but now i'll look at tempura, esp vege tempura in a whole new light. missed ya.. *grin* - nana

kungfubunny said...

nana where have you been?? missed you too laa.