Friday, January 06, 2006

Why would I want to blog

when I have been so busy

doing experiments,

looking after my spiders,

cycling the whole of (muddy) Ubin,

finishing up all my driving lessons,

drinking at Harry's and Brewerkz,

meeting up with old friends,

catching up with post-Christmas sales,

wondering how to graduate with a shortage of 2 MCs,

dreading the beginning of semester 2,

throwing a new year's party for the entire maternal extended family (only to be harrassed by my pre-school nephew and niece both armed with handfulls of muruku),

cleaning my room,

nursing mosquito bites,

and decorating the house.

Well, I'd like to proclaim that I haven't had the motivation to blog during the holidays. Even checking email had become a chore. I've lived on minimal contact with the Internet for the past month and LOVED it.

As a result though, I have

Been conned into participating in the female students' dialogue with the female MPs,

Gotten lost in Sengkang,

and forgotten about the stepping down dinner at Brewerkz.

Aiyoh. But life without cyberspace is really blissful, knowing that I'm going to be fully dependent on it as my sole source of entertainment in my lonesome hostel room.

Neh mind, got the boyfriend to tekan.

At Christmas eve dinner, K Li, sitting on my bed:

k li: (looks around) Don't you ever feel the need to... clean your room?

me: No?

p/s: At one point, my mother offered to pay me to get it done. "Whatever St*rhub's paying you a day, I'll match it. If only you'd just clean your room!"


meme said...

omg. that's furkin' furnneh. the last bite.

meme said...

*bit. (gee.)