Sunday, November 13, 2005

Epiphanies in the scholarly pursuit of a BSc

Randomness of it all. I can't collect my thoughts.

I just spent an entire afternoon trying to figure out what genes are transcribed when and at which part of the embryo only to be regulated by another set of genes that regulate each other to maintain protein gradients that regulate the expression of other genes that determine what genes are transcribed to determine what each segment of a fly larvae it becomes.

So there.

I realise that I'm really sick to be able to laugh at what I'm studying, considering how small I am in the greater scheme of things; things being the advancement of science and all things abstract and unseen. Like DNA.

Here are some things I learnt today:

1. Scientists have the best sense of humour. Evident in the naming of genes. Howsabout genes named after foods, German foods. Ghurken, neudel, burger, spatzle. Named after monsters: Gremlin, snake, monster (really). Named after... I don't know: bloodthirsy, bloodhound.

2. Refer to #1: and note the signs behind the spider rearing room next to the fly banana cultures - "Time flies like an arrow, Fruit flies like a Banana."; "Please clear excess flies, lest ye will consume them yourself."

3. You know things are really sad when you are in your 3rd year of university and you have to dig up JC notes to help you study general physiology.

4. You know you are addicted to the Internet when you text someone on the mobile and you're typing in short-cuts to animated emoticons from MSN.

5. Even worse, you know you are addicted to the Internet when the first thing that comes to mind when you find something amusing is "LOL!!"

6. You know you are a bit psycho when the idea of multiple orgasms amuses you enough to have you rolling on the floor laughing for 2 minutes.

7. I think I'm losing my mind. I dreamt that I was cheating on Jude Law last night.
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"Whot's that, luv?"

Q. E. D.

On a lighter note, after finding a very amusing rubbaducky (To the untrained eye, this ducky is nothing more than a standard bath-time, splash-time, bubble bath buddy, but give him a squeeze and he'll show you what he can really do!) and sending it to kimberly, I found something even more hilarious. Or, erh, disturbing.

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Wtf is that? Heh. You wouldn't believe it.


A cure for HIV?

Doctors say they want to investigate the case of a British man with HIV who apparently became clear of the virus.

Two newspapers report Scotsman Andrew Stimpson, 25, who lives in London, was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 2002 but was found to be clear in October 2003.

Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust, which carried out the tests, has asked him to undergo more. Mr Stimpson did not take any medication for HIV.

HIV experts say his case could help to reveal more about the disease.


Vaccine clue

Aids expert Dr Patrick Dixon, from international Aids group Acet, said the case was "very, very unusual".

"I've come across many anecdotal reports of this kind of thing happening in Africa, some quite recently, but it's difficult to verify them," he told BBC News 24.

"You have to be rock-solid sure that both samples came from the same person, no mix-up in the laboratory, no mistakes in the testing, etc.

"This is the first well-documented case."

He said the case was important because "inside his immune system is perhaps a key that could allow us to develop some kind of vaccine".



greeneyedsinner said...

what is it with you and sex toys. are you going to sexpo now.

kungfubunny said...

you know. education. awareness. uh huh. ignorance is your biggest enemy. uh huh.

Maya said...

#275 Sign of being addicted to Internet: Trying to find (and push) the Undo button during a verbal conversation