Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chronicles of a half-blood bunny

On the last paragraph of my Evolution text, on the chapter of why sex and not asex:
"...At this point you are likely to be confused. [me: That's very nice, thankew.] ... The confusion you experience reflects the confusion among evolutionary biologists about the evolution of sex."
How comforting.

On the bottle of oceanspray cranberry cocktail juice: NKF Logo, under which says "Partners in promoting urinary tract health"

I'm an NKF subsidised UTI sufferer.

Someone telling me about what to do after exams: "Let's run naked around PGP with our bits hanging out!!"


Anonymous said...

hi sweetie, when you do run around, let me know kay ;) -rena

kungfubunny said...

NANAA!!! yee!!