Sunday, October 09, 2005

What's worse than coming down with UTI twice in 3 months?

Having your mother in the same room when consulting the doctor.

Sunday, ca. 11.30am, outside doctor's office

Mum: Oh, I think I'd go in with you. Doctor would be interested in the outcome of my request for retirement.

Me: Erh, okay... (desperately thinks of a way to change her mind)

ca. 11.36am

Me: So, erh, you're coming in to talk to her?

Mum: Yeah. Why, you wanna go in on your own?

Me: Ah, you can go in if you want to. (mentally smacks head with both hands)

ca. 11.40am

Doctor: So what's wrong?

Me: Well I think I've come down with UTI again. I got it a few months back...

Doctor: Are you married?

Me: What?!

Mum: No!! She's still studying.

Doctor: Oh, because it's very rare among unmarried women. (she repeated this so many times after that)

Omg. Last time I went to the doctor (at Thomps*n blardy Medical Center. Which left me $137.20 poorer, also on a Sunday afternoon.) I thanked goodness nobody else was in there with me as he began asking all sorts of questions and gave all sorts of advice on the things that go on *ahem* down south.

This time I'm running a temperature too. Not good. Maybe I didn't (to quote the first doctor) "flush after SI". *shudder.

You know what disturbs me? It disturbs me that women who have active sex lives when they are young run a higher risk of well, just about everything.

1. You run a higher risk of breast cancer if you start having intercourse at a young age.

2. You run a higher risk of getting cervical cancer if you've had sex before the age of 20.

3. You run a higher risk of UTI if you have an active sex life.

4. And once you get UTI there's a high chance you'll get it again. And if it happens more than 3 times a year it's time to get worried.

5. You run a higher risk of breast cancer if you've had an active sex life and did not have any children (punishment?! I have this flashback of Samantha from SATC when she first got diagnosed with breast cancer and her doctor told her this lil nugget of information. She screamed "Am I being punished?!" or something to that effect.). Or if you've had children but did not breastfeed (again?!).

All these risks (And many more that I'm lazy to look up) and you'd think women would wise up and bring out those chastity belts eh? Being punished for being frisky when you're young is just too much.

So, I hear cranberry juice is good for UTI.


quin said...

what the heck is UTI? i'm very interested in knowing what troubles you most recently XDD

kungfubunny said...

uhm.. it's short for urinary tract infection.

greeneyedsinner said...

and... women with active sex lives get it?

kungfubunny said...

apparently so. since "it is very rare among unmarried women". the bitch! argh.

greeneyedsinner said...

i hope your mother didn't start interrogating you then...

quin said...
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kungfubunny said...

quincy... shuterp.

junoesque said...

oh no... take care *there. =)