Saturday, October 08, 2005

religion on eBay

Now, not only had the FSM infiltrated the church, his memorabilia is being sold on eBay. Not that it's particularly surprising, but I thought the thing was pretty. Behold, the FSM brooch.

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You can even learn how to make one yourself at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church (now, now, before you scream "SCARILEGE!" I honestly don't know if its true. But heck, it's funny all the same.)

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Uh huh, see I told you it's funny.

On a side note, I can't remember why and how I got cajoled into watching The Skeleton Key but now, I can't decide if I regretted it or not.

Far from your usual suspense thriller (Abs insists that thriller ≠ horror. I beg to differ. At least in this case, where I got so freaked out I wanted to leave. Thriller, horror... after a while I don't see the distinction anymore. Ok, rather, the distinction really doesn't matter; like when you're already peeing in your pants and biting your friend's finger off.), the movie not only has at least 5 million twists, it speaks of tragedy beyond just the usual live/die, love/lost themes.

The show was a tragedy that served as critical commentary of the ailments of humanity, like, how:

1. If you do something out of goodwill, you don't always get rewarded (in the movie: you get to suffer for the rest of your life).

2. There is no such thing as karma(read: you do something good but you still suffer for the rest of your life. While the baddies live on. Forever.)

3. People are evil.

4. Good seldom triumphs over evil.

5. It's all in the mind.

6. Follow your instincts (because your instincts are always right.)

7. Having statues of saints and many crucifixes hanging around doesn't necessarily protect you from the supernatural. See #5.

I can't remember now if I was disturbed because of the tragic ending, or because I couldn't believe how real everything seemed.

Yeah, Kate Hudson's pretty hot.

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