Sunday, September 11, 2005

stutter meh

Oh dear oh dearie me. Just when I thought I could settle down and start on midterms, everything comes up to haunt me.

Old projects old deadlines new emo-smothered men omg.

After a week-long campaign period and shameless plastering of photos on the walls of the block, electionss finally took place, in the most tragic twists of fate, or rather, we all expected the results but the nominees were somehow trapped in their own self-evolved limbo, the bastards all got in together.

And as if tension wasn't high enough at internal elections, some tragically unsound gazelles fled from the scene once their desired posts were taken up by others. The upshot of that of course, was a myriad of questioning, mud-slinging and flesh-tearing... I felt like a vulture amidst vultures milling around the body of a dying deer in the middle of the Serengetti.

But everything turned out ok, after trudging out of the room close to midnight. And I can't say I'm very worried now.

It seems that nobody's taking Talk Like A Pirate Day seriously enough. Arr!

And what a peaceful weekend it was. The slut and the brother were missing all weekend, PURE BLISS. As if reading my mind, mother suddenly began talking about me not having to worry about all this happening at home now, because they (mother and father) are still young and me leaving for a year or two to study is perfectly ok, don't have to worry about them, because a year will pass really fast. Don't worry about anything, she said, we don't need you to start working or anything, and don't worry about money, we can easily afford to send you overseas to do your masters.

I had no idea how to react to all this sudden reassurance, so well, didn't reply.

In any case, it seems mother always can read your mind, even when you don't say anything at all.

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