Wednesday, August 17, 2005

developmental biology I

Today, I saw a Suzuki Liana
covered with bird poop.

And it's Wednesday, 10am developmental biology class. Just when we thought he couldn't get more hilarious, the prof proved us wrong!

ok there is a typo in there. *Watever.

And by the end of the lecture, we had a menagerie of flora to speak of; not to mention, the fabled tau sar pao.I'll never sleep during this lecture.

At one point, he grabbed a tau sar pao (he brought in 3) and started giggling.

"Hehe, I thought this was the mouse."

And physio was a waste of time. "What is photosynthesis?" Fundamental biochemistry, lady. I can't believe I have to take this because of a bloody pre-req.

And our field trip for evolution was cut short by RAIN.


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